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We carry a huge amount of pride knowing that each and every piece of our product is made in the USA.  We start with high quality prefabs and from there we put in a ton of hard work creating a beautifully badass piece of steel that  was created by the customers vision.  We want to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied with their blade after all they are the one who will be carrying it.  Browse collection →
Red Bearded Blade’s is currently serving with a number of specialty forces including but not limited to: Army Rangers, Special Forces, EOD, Infantry, Cav. Scouts, SAPPER, Air Force Security Forces, and PJ’s, Navy Search and Rescue Swimmers.  . We also have blades attached to elite civilian members, SWAT, LEO’S, Firefighters, EMT, multiple security agents.  There is a portion of the proceeds that go towards helping other veterans and deployed military members.